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Entrepreneurship Solar Training Course

Advance Solar Design Training Institute has been developed using the latest technologies that incorporates rich graphics, interactive features, and Live Class rooms. An institute that consists of designed courses specially for those who aspire to be an entrepreneur in this field. Online solar courses at this institute provides the insides of the system with the aid of graphics and designs for an effective learning process. Entrepreneurship Solar Training Course gives a living chance to the people who see their careers in this field. From learning the subject better to how this system works every thing is explained in the deepest and the most effective way. Not just for entrepreneurs but for professionals of this field who are looking for a chance to strengthen their knowledge on this subject can join the course too.

Who should attend:
solar design online course, Solar power plant design online course, solar power plant design training course, Solar plant design training, Solar installer online course, Solar design online training course Anybody who wants to gain valuable hands-on experience, especially electrical and mechanical engineers; electrical and general contractors, electrical designers, solar companies and solar industry professionals who want to further their knowledge of solar design.

Prerequisites: Participants should have a basic understanding of solar PV or basic solar design, PV installation or related experience.

What time:

  • Weekend Batch : Saturday and Sunday
  • Time : 4 Hours/per day (Flexible timming as required)

How much:  The fee is RS 15000 /-per person.  Fee includes
course materials with Softwares .

How to Register: We offer the following options to register for this class. Class size is limited, so we recommend that you register early to guarantee a seat.

1. Online - click on the Enroll Now button below and register using a credit card or check card. You will be redirected to our online payment page for a safe, secure transaction. You will receive an email confirmation when the transaction is complete.
2. By phone – simply call us at (+91) 8467024957,7531923094 and we'll process your registration over the phone.
3. By whatApp on (+91) 8467024957,7531923094
4. Skype Id : aedei01

Syllabus Entrepreneurship Solar Training
solar design training syllabus

Chapter 1 - Introduction of Solar Power Plant

  1. Grid Interactive Solar Power Plant
  2. Net-Metering Solar Power Plant
  3. Grid Connected Solar Power Plant
  4. Off- Grid Solar Power Plant
  5. Hybrid Solar Power Plant

Chapter - 2 Costing of solar Components and selection criteria

  1. PV Modules and latest Technology
  2. Types of Solar Inverter
  3. Balance of solar Power Plant (cable ,Connector,ACDB ,DCDB etc)
  4. Costing sheet preparation
  5. Proposal preparation with payment Terms and Condition

Chapter- 3 Government scheme and Subsidy

  1. Nodal Agencies of solar Power plant state wise uction
  2. MNRE Schemes
  3. CAPEX and OPEX Model benefits
  4. State wise subsidy process
  5. Type of power purchase agreement(PPA)

Chapter 4 - Business development and Identification of Solar Energy customers

  1. Pvt. Investor & AD Benefit/REC Client
  2. Government Project intake process
  3. Online e-Procurement tendering process
  4. Private customer selection criteria with minimum risk with proper assessment
  5. Customer financial strength calculation
  6. Cash flow of solar Power Plant
  7. Payment terms Risk assessment
  8. Project cost estimation and analysis
  9. Overhead and profit calculation
  10. CEIG lionising and approval process
  11. echno-Commercial Offer preparation of Pvt. & Govt. Tenders

Chapter 5 - Bidding process and financial modelling of Solar Power Plant

  1. Government projects tendering.
  2. Private customer bidding process
  3. Pre Bid stage Engineering
  4. Financial modelling with OPEX and CAPEX

Chapter 6 -Solar power Plant funding

  1. Documentation for funding (Govt and private bank funding )
  2. Foreign funding
  3. Loan on solar power plant
  4. Generation guarantee and handing over solar power plant
  5. Compliances of Government tender
  6. • Site Visit for Data Collection
  7. Types of guarantee of Generation and measurement methodology
  8. Documents of handing over plant
  9. Operation and Maintenance of solar power Plant
  10. ABG
  11. PBG

Chapter 7 - Assessment of Solar Power Plant and proposal for Customers

  1. Site Visit for Data Collection
  2. Plant capacity calculation
  3. Review of bill
  4. Scope of Net –Metering
  5. Solar power Costing and rate of return Calculation.
  6. Solar Power Plant bill of material preparation
  7. Solar power Plant costing
  8. Solar Power Plant Taxation on Components and GST Impact.
  9. Payment terms

Chapter 8 - Smart Grid/Net Metering

  1. Smart Grid
  2. Smart Meters