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Preliminary Plant Planning

  1. Site analysis
  2. Geotechnical investigation of solar farm land
  3. Analysis and validation of existing structures (for roof-tops)
  4. 3D layout modeling including shading analysis
  5. Plant Survey verification of land
  6. Existing building Roof load bearing capacity calculation

Module mounting Structure Design

  1. Classification of various material for module mounting structure (MMS)
  2. Module mounting structure design for fixed tilt , seasonal tilt and tracker
  3. Properties of various metal ( galvanized , Pre Galvanized )
  4. Structure design based on wind speed calculation
  5. Fabrication drawing
  6. MMS fastener specification
  7. MMS specification

Module mounting structure foundation

  1. Type of pile
  2. Difference between RCC pile and PCC pile
  3. Pile foundation calculation
  4. Pile Load bearing calculation
  5. Rooftop Structure foundation calculation
  6. Pile foundation marking / grid marking
  7. Pull out and lateral load calculation

Project Infrastructure Engineering

  1. Various type ( Prefab /RCC )Inverter room foundation and architectural designing
  2. Main Control Room foundation and architectural designing
  3. Equipment Foundation calculation
  4. WBM and Compact road lay outing
  5. Civil work BOQ